Looking for way to Learn and Retain Quran

Mohammed Imthathullah
3 min readMay 30, 2021


Developer’s Mantra

Last month, I had idea for a new app and as usual, just wanted to build it. But this time, I want to build in public.

Before starting, I wanted to spend some time finding out if there are any apps out there, that would help me solve the problem.

A short article about my findings!

First let me explain the problem.

As muslims, we get a Imaan boost every Ramadan. And for the past few Ramadans, I try to listen to some Tafsir of the Quran (mostly by @noumanbayyinah, @YasirQadhi or @muftimenk) and try to memorize those surahs/ayats.

But after Ramadan is over, we hardly keep revising what we learned and end up forgetting it by next year. So this time, I was thinking of how to NOT forget whatever I learn.

As an app developer, for every problem the first solution that comes to mind is an App.

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

What I would like the App to do is to track what all parts of the Quran I have memorized and remind me when I want to revise which part, so I that I don’t forget it.

And recently, one of friends was talking how a Spaced Repetition app has helped him learn a new language. 👏

I’ve known spaced repetition to be a good technique for learning and retaining what you learned. It makes sense that we do the same with memorizing Quran. I spent some time reading about it and I agreed more with that thought.

After all, this is what the Ustaadhs in most Hifdh madarsas have been doing for centuries. Make students revise particular portions at specific time intervals. They just didn’t come up with this nice name for the technique. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I searched in the App Store to find out apps that would help me track Quran learning and also remind me to revise it at spaced intervals. I couldn’t find any. 😞

Most of the apps which are out there for memorizing Quran just play recitation of selected verses repeatedly.

While that certainly helps in memorization, not so much in retention. Irrespective of whatever keyword I used for searching, I couldn’t find more than a handful of apps. Some apps were not even in English.

I think the state would be different in Play Store. Maybe.

I came to conclusion that iOS certainly needs more apps for Muslims. Well, that way, it helps me work on something and feel good about it as well. Because this could also be spending in Allah’s path 🤩.

But anyways, I started looking the other way around. Tried a few Spaced Repetition apps and saw if I could use them to revise Quran, instead of just some flash cards with new words.

Theoretically, that should work. Practically, it was cumbersome.

If any of you know apps that would help me solve the problem I described here, kindly let me know. Even though I’m halfway through my app, I would gladly try any existing solutions first.

Inspiration from @ThePillarsApp helped me not delay building or think too much. A couple of weeks ago, I started working on it and AlhamthuLillah, it has turned out good. And I’m trying to use it regularly.

I’ll post another article about the progress, maybe after I have some pretty screen shots. 😉

Update June 17, 2021: I made a basic MVP of this idea and shared the iOS app beta via TestFlight with a few users. If you are interested in trying out the beta, kindly DM me on Twitter or email me.



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